February 24, 2009

I intend to hurt the economy

I am not a malicious individual. No one knows this better than my friends.

That said, each of my actions of late demonstrate a person who does not want the economy to rebound. Government can not count on me to be a big spender. Realize that our current economy is dependent upon consumers. It is dependent upon people buying and buying. The economy thrives on people accumulating more stuff - You and I are asked to buy more stuff than we need. I am not responding to that call - not now nor in the future.

Electing to buy more than I need is not my intention. A lot of stuff will not make my life complete. Certain things are necessary for me to survive; However, a large number of purchases never need to be made. No one needs some of the things I see in stores. Do not get me wrong, even as I say this, virtually all my possessions are debatable on this point. Economic cars, roomier homes and another kitchen gadget could slightly improve my life. You have to ask, "is the value really worth the cost? "

Now, do not confuse "price" with the "cost". I mean the cost of everything about the product. Visit the site www.thestoryofstuff.com and you will get a good description of this topic. It helps you see our consumer society from a new, different perspective.

Ultimately, all my purchases will be more planned and measured. Less stuff will flow through my hands as I use what I have more efficiently and for longer periods. Admittedly, consumer economies will suffer by my selfish actions. Thus, I will not be helping the economy by my actions. Of course, no one knows better than I that my actions are what reveal my true intentions.

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