February 13, 2009

Why do we love to blame inanimate things?

Blame the economy! Blame the banks! Blame executives! Why do we love to blame inanimate things?

Let's suppose there is an element of politeness here. We were taught not to point at people in public. We were also taught that if you can not say something nice about a person, then say nothing at all. We do not want to single any person out.

Although that sounds nice, I do not think we are being polite. I see people point in public. I hear things said about individuals that should not have been said. Yet, it is rare that a specific individual gets blamed for anything - except perhaps the President of the US.

Maybe I do not get out enough, but I do not see people saying "Blame Tony - the guy who lives the next block over who is a bank executive". I have not heard the likes of "Blame Leslie! She told me that she has cut down on here spending this year." They are the executives and the people that are hurting spending in the economy. Why are we blaming a group rather than specific people?

Everyone likes to blame generic things rather than specific individuals. Why?

Me. Blame me. I throw my hat in the ring. I am the one responsible. If you need to blame something, blame me!

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