March 10, 2009

5 year rule

Remember the 5 second rule? It might have been even 10 seconds for some. The "rule" allowed for safe eating of food that dropped on the floor if it was retrieved within the specified time. The point is that particular food is "contaminated" within 5-10 seconds of coming in contact with the "dirty" floor.

My question is whether or not the same type of rule applies for fish? If a poor fisherman notices that his Styrofoam bait container or their bobber gets away from him in the pond, how long before they are considered "dirty" garbage? How long before the stocked fish are contaminated? How long before an individual can not take fish out of the pond anymore?

I ask this question because I was recently kayaking on a lake. An unhealthy percentage of its trash derived from fishermen; Of course, I can't let fisherwomen off the hook, either. I caught my own individual 8-pounder that day; about 8 pounds of trash, that is. I dare say that you would find at least two pounds and 30% of the volume was from people who had been fishing in the lake.

What are all those men and women thinking? Do they not see a connection? Of all the people to pollute a lake, why the people seeking fish? Why do they pollute the very source of their food? The logic to this evades me. Is there some "5-year rule" (or more) that they follow? Where is their common sense - let alone sense of responsibility?

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