April 1, 2009

In need of organization

I was recently kayaking on a small pond. I was dismayed at the volume of trash I saw. I was so frustrated that I began asking myself, "Why would they do this? How can people let this happen?"

Then, after a few minutes of asking about the nature of people, the course of my thoughts changed. I began to ask, "Why doesn't anyone clean this up? Someone should organize a clean-up event. Perhaps I should organize a clean up event. Why not make a difference?"

Given this new inspiration, I began the arduous process of thinking through the steps I would take for organizing the cleanup. There was finding a right day, getting boats for people, getting the word out, soliciting volunteers, having recognition for the volunteers…. Whoa. It was getting complicated. Oh, dear!

It hit me as my kayak rocked on the edge of that pond.

The thing was, it was not complicated. I already had a large plastic bag in my truck. I paddled back to my truck to retrieve it; then, I set off on my own personal, individual, one-man clean up event. I found the right day - that day! I got the word out to the volunteer. I had an impromptu clean up day. In about an hour, I had made significant progress. At some point during my self-made clean-up day, I began to ponder a new question, "why do we feel the need to have an organized event to do the right thing? Why not do them ourselves, today?"

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