April 9, 2009

Let me count the why's

[This is the final installment to my recent "Pond-Kayaking Trilogy" - you knew it would eventually end. ]

I had a discussion with a long-lost friend about picking up trash in public places. I mentioned my tendency for gathering and tossing other people's rubbish. He respected me for doing it, but debated whether it made a difference. After all, there was so much X*$!! x%!@@ junk everywhere that what I affected was an insignificant exercise.

Eventually, I dumped a ton of answers on him. I started with this one: The next time I visit that place, there will be that much less garbage to spoil my view. Here is a sample of the other answers:

• Like the story of the man throwing marooned starfish back into the sea, every little bit helps even when it does not necessarily solve the entire problem.
• Doing so created an apt opportunity to discuss the subject with my friend. Awareness is always the first step to any topic. It elicits events to change behavior.
• While I am out there, other people will see that "Krazy Kayaker cleaning up". It might bring awareness to others.
• If my friend (or those people who see me) actively attempts throwing garbage out the window, he may think of me; (certainly, if he did not like me, this could work in the wrong direction…)
• The next time my observers see garbage , they might make attempts to pick up the junk themselves - or at least think about it.

I can be a leader by example. I can be a leader even whilst I paddle around in my yellow kayak.

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