April 24, 2009

Oh Twitter, how I do not like thee

Here I go not making friends - especially not on Twitter.

I know many people are enamored with Twitter. For that reason, I do not want to burst bubbles, but consider the following:

If you Twitter while someone is speaking, are you actively listening? Seriously, are you giving due respect to the speaker?

"Multi-tasking" really is not the same as efficiency. You're paying for getting more things done at the cost of quality. Your attention is spread too thin. Are you being "efficient" when you "multi-task" with Twitter? Or, are you just getting more things done poorly?

Start tracking what percent of time the Twitter matters to you. Did what you read give you anything of value? If I asked you to pay a nickel for that information, would you pay it? I am asking you, "Did they respect your time and did you respect your own time?"

Surely, saying something and communicating meaning are not always the same. When you received your last Twitter, did you hear what the person truly intended to convey? We are quick to assume that all comments are properly conveyed. Between showing you words and speaking to you in person, don't you think meaning can be lost? Telling me can have more value than letting me figure it out, right? Is respect being given to others when you glance over their comments?

On that next time when you send out a Tweet, what percent of your audience will care? What is the percentage who will be wasting their time reading your message? If very few of them care, isn't that what we classify as "spam" for email? How much of their time is your message worth? You appreciated the value of spam filters, right? Why doesn't anyone seem care in this case? Is respect being paid for their time?

We pay for the advantages of Twitter by adding "noise". Are you just creating more noise in society? Think back to all the Tweets you have done. So, with all those actions, are you respecting the time of other people in the world?

Yes, it’s a neat tool, but are you are you using Twitter because it provides a function that you have long needed? Or - own up, now - are you using it just because it is a neat tool? That type of reason can be dangerous.

I, of course, am not for Twitter if it will be used to disrespect people's time. The rewards of showing respect outweigh the value I would gleam from Tweeting. I thank you for considering respect for others the next time you Tweet.

If you have comments, feel free to email me at suggestions@yellowkayak.org.

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