May 29, 2009

Seeing What Matters

It is easy to forget what matters in all our daily lives. I do a good job at remembering what is important in my life. For many people, this illuminating revelation comes after the sudden death of close companions. Yet, even after that, those thoughts are quickly lost in the noise of day to day life. I am proud to say I can see this truth without any such extreme events. Although I do, often enough, forget to remember this, it is not long.

I have recently returned to an old practice (which is not hard to follow) of looking up at the numerous stars most nights. It humbles me by pointing out how my life is insignificant relative to the vast universe which surrounds us. There is another side of that coin which sheds different light. The millions of tiny stars help me to gain a new perspective by revealing the distinct honor of being part of it.

I, as one insignificant creature, have a wish to play my part right. I am going to make a footprint in this world in any case; Why not make a positive footprint in life? Why not make a difference? Why not?

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