May 19, 2009

The Sound of Integrity

We all have heard the concept that honesty is a sign of integrity. I believe that, but they are not as closely linked as all you may believe. Honesty is not the same thing as integrity. For one thing, we have all displayed honesty without integrity or at least seen it displayed without integrity.

All honesty is just a symptom of integrity; it is not the core of it. Look at the definition of integrity from your favorite source. You could define "integrity" by not even using the word "honesty" at all. Without "honesty", "integrity" still has meaning. While you may see the word "honesty" somewhere in there, the definition is rooted in words like "sound" or "whole".

Integrity is not easy to maintain in our noisy culture. Make sure you are not lying to yourself the next time you are all displaying honesty. Someone who has all integrity is so much more that someone who speaks the truth.

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