August 22, 2009

Responsibility begins with I

Isn't it funny how we are trained to look to the government to help? By "funny", I do not mean funny - ha, ha. Pitiful, bizarre, sad, and unfortunate are more appropriate.

We act like Pavlov's dogs. Evidently, we are trained to run to the government - at the first sign of trouble. Occasionally, we may intervene, but we generally expect the authorities to do something. I can not say which is worse: that we expect so much from the government or that the government caters to us with laws, legislation, and a lot of fluster. Experience shows us that "fluster" usually makes little difference other than it makes us feel better.

I guess a lot of people are now wondering, "who should we look to?" Recognize how this question is at the heart of my point.

Look inward. Everyone should not be looking anywhere else. Now, more than ever, individuals need to look to themselves. By taking their own balanced actions and seeking fair solutions, individuals begin to become responsible.

Legitimate government assistance has its place, but that comes long after all other efforts have failed. Sadly, I dare say most individuals have not even tried those efforts before running to the government. So, why not take responsibility? Let's make a difference. Why not make a difference?

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