September 22, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Be Responsible?

Regarding a recent WSJ article, Friends Don't Let Friends Bring Up Health Care by Elizabeth Bernstein, the author highlights numerous situations where disagreements on Health Care reform have gotten ugly. Evidence is not lacking. Some situations resulted in fights and name-callings among friends and family. People in other situations have taken the "prudent" approach of avoiding the discussion all together. On that point, isn't there an unwritten rule not to discuss religion and politics?

Now, the unfortunate thing is that citizens absolutely need to be discussing religion and politics. Successful and effective democracy is dependent upon healthy conversations. In order to survive them, citizens need to be okay with being wrong. By having engaging dialogs, citizens can empower themselves and the country. Learning something new and seeing things from a different perspective are what we need most. Essentially, ignoring the discussion is as bad as yelling through it (and arguably worse).

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