October 31, 2009

Risk in Everything

We love guarantees and not risk. We are attracted to the feeling that something is "risk-free." A 90-day risk free trial is just what we want.

But, nothing is risk free. If you are riding in a car, there is a risk you will be in a collision. If you are walking down the street, there is a risk a tree limb will fall on you. If you are sitting in your house, there is a risk a gas line might rupture. If you travel or if you sit still, there is always a risk something will happen.

Here is a guarantee for you: risk is part of life. Crime happens (risk). Mistakes happen (risk). Accidents happen (risk).

It is fair to minimize risks; but, we should never believe that anything is "risk-free." We can not live in fear nor should we live in denial (of risk).

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