October 5, 2009

Sir, this is a corporation

Recently, I had the "pleasure" of speaking with a particular bank, which will remain nameless. Specifically, I was trying to get a written copy of what they were telling me. On recollection, I should have known the representatives are not authorized to give me anything in writing that supports what they are telling me on the phone. "Sir, this is a corporation, I can not send you that and sign it myself," a manager told me at one point.

Big words: "sir, this is a corporation." Liability is a key part of being a shielded corporation and I get that. Typically, I would be frustrated by this, but I was really more saddened by the way she said this. Isolating her tone, I noted the finality of "I do not have to help you because I do not need to. You can't do anything to 'us.'" In her words, she sounded very proud of their "status." Merrily standing behind her corporate wall, she was unwilling to she how she still could help.

Will she remember her words when she finds herself up against one of the multitude of corporations out there?

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