December 12, 2009

State of Healthcare

We are burdened by the notion that a life is "priceless." We are burdened by the concept that people should be kept alive "at all costs." We are burdened with the feeling that any health issue is "no holds barred."

On top of this, we are not willing to "deal with risk." We expect all our medicine to be "exact." We expect our doctors to be "miracle-makers." We expect every nurse to be "infallible." With this mentality, is it really a surprise that health costs are "climbing out of control?"

December 3, 2009

Risk in Everything (Still)

I mentioned risk in a previous blog. I focused on the negative side of risk, but there is a positive side. The positive side is that risk makes life interesting. It is the side of risk that puts the excitement in adventure. Risk is the uncertainty about the future. We risk that upcoming events might be worse than we fear or better than we expected. Where is the fun in everything turning out like we expected?