January 21, 2010

Actions Versus Rhetoric

It is ironic that Senator Kennedy, who supposedly championed a national health care plan, should be so directly responsible for its ultimate failure. No one can say for sure since there are many possibilities, but arguably, if he had given up his seat much earlier, a Democrat could have retained the Senate seat for Massachusetts.

Rather than turning over his position to someone who could focus on issues rather than their own personal situation, he held on to his seat until the very end. Ironically, he felt that he was best serving his constituents on health care by focusing on his personal health issues.

On top of that, there is irony in the fact that Senator spent his last years of life under the best possible health care. Typical Americans will never experience such health care.

Need I also mention the irony about the timing of elections in Massachusetts? Upon his death, Kennedy's constituents called for a quick election of a successor out of fear they would not have the one vote they needed to pass the health care bill. Ironically, he and his constituents had called for the exact rules that they were now trying to retract.

Ironically, his own needs seemed to trump needs of other people.

Caught in the web of his own political games, Senator Kennedy helped to undo much he might have granted his constituents. Despite all his rhetoric, what do his actions really show us about his intentions and focus? Is there irony in this?

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