March 6, 2010

Space, another frontier

We often think   of the space between   things as empty and
meaningless.   The open air between two   people, like the
white space   surrounding each of these letters, seems to
be one void.   Space helps provide an illusion of being
separated from   the world in the same way that space
helps distinguish   onewordfromanotherword on a white page.
In the grander scope   of the world, that space is integral
for all things. From a   visual standpoint, entities are
all defined by that space,   that lack of space, and the
relative distances in between.   We think of that space as
being empty, but there is quite a lot going on in that
space: psychologically, physically, chemically, biologic-
ally, emotionally... Where you are 'not' is just as
telling as where you are right now.   The amount of space
between two things can be just as   important as their
general appearances.   Certainly,   space can provide great
value just   as any artfully placed   silence in a good piece of
music. The   trick is to observe   space from a different
perspective.   When you see   that everything is one, spaces
included, then   you have   a new way to appreciate the
world. Everything   is   interconnected.

                    Space…      another frontier.

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