April 25, 2010

This Ad Is For You

Buy this... we know you like it. Yes, we KNOW. Is
a targeted ad better? Many think so. I have a
different perspective.

The concept sounds fine. Targeted ads mean that
more of the ads I see will seem relevant. Sounds
interesting, huh? No more wasting time seeing
messages for reality TV and feminine products.

Great! Now, I will be inundated with ads that DO
interest me on some level. More targeted ads
means that I will need to devote even more time
evaluating products before moving on, meaning
more of my time is wasted. I could quickly ignore
ads that were off-target without much thought.

Book after book on marketing emphasizes the
significance of targeting your ideal buyers. That
is no surprise, but the best thing marketers have is
consumers who are just as sold on the concept.

"Why Not Blame Drew? How all your problems
originate from him" tells why we should leverage
our resources elsewhere. Also, read the book
"Rapt" by Winifred Gallagher for inspiration. My
mind has much better things to do with my time
elsewhere. No thanks in advance on targeted ads.

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