June 26, 2010

Well, well, well... a message is revealed

For those of us who want to be proud of the U.S., there is a new
welt. We labor on about pulling our bootstraps, the importance of
family, ingenuity when the going gets tough, and getting out the
trowel, kicking it up a notch. From a recent Labor Department
study described in the Wall Street Journal on June 23, 2010,
we learned what average Americans would really do if given extra
time in a day. When given the opportunity for more time in our
day (mostly because of unemployment), we chose to do the least
productive tasks, the ones with the least return on investment.
We lazy Americans, when given the chance, let ourselves get fat.
Welcome to reality as revealed by our actions, exposing some real
welts. We like to think that Americans are productive at heart and
we love to say family time is important, but neither sleeping over
the suggested eight hours nor more television count toward those.
The good news: we can still change the future. Do not throw in the
towel now - quite the opposite.