July 24, 2010

Single voices and big differences

As discussed in, "Why Not Blame Drew?" individuals
often forget the "Power of One" they possess as a
single voice. Per a WSJ article "Small Investor, Biggy
Voice" http://tinyurl.com/yloxb8r an investor not only
makes impacts by being involved in decisions, but also
a single investor can influence at the highest level thru
big and small actions heard by the boardroom. Their
difference of opinion can change the corporate mind.

July 6, 2010

Part Paul and part law

Rand Paul argues against part of a disabilities law
  and parties are appauled as if questioning breaks laws
--yet patriots always criticize the laws of the land;
what partisans abolished the law for free speech and all?
Just participate actively and all discuss law or ignore it.
That part is your absolute right and Paul nor law can stop you.