October 14, 2010

Individual eyes have it

9/11 Flight 93, shoe bomber, failed Times Square bomber

In each case, what is the similarity?

Individuals took responsibility. I don't mean the terrorists, I mean citizens. In both cases, the "government agencies" failed to do their job. I hear administrations talking about "fixes" and issuing many edicts implying they have things "under control". In establishing new policies and procedures, they missed the whole point. I ask, "Who made a difference?"

Ignore words. Instead, look at actions. Informed citizens on flight 93 prevented the plane from causing more deaths than their own. Individual passengers observed and subdued the "shoe bomber". In NYC, a citizen saw and reported the suspicious car in Times Square.

Individuals, NOT the government, made the difference. If that is true, why doesn't the government see that? Isn't it sad that individuals don't see their own power? Individual eyes are at the start of everything. In the fight against terrorism, why not focus energies on empowering individuals?

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  1. Add the Tuscon, AZ Shooting to this list.