November 22, 2010

The final word on big business and big government

People that are against big corporations are supportive of big government and vice-versa… did you notice?

The argument against big corporations is that they are inherently corrupted by their executive people. Their overpaid executives are receiving too much money and holding too much power; perhaps they are. They act like they are above the law and work every loophole using the resources they command whittling the laws down to the core. The workers are underpaid and, because they are tied down by bureaucracy, they are at the mercy of the executives we speak of. Typical corporations are seen as big bullies - yes, big.

The simple answer is for regulation of business. Self regulation by an industry is simply not acceptable for people. The theory is that you fight a bully by having someone stronger and more powerful than they are. You want someone (or something) those bullies have to look up at. This entity must be stronger, more powerful, rich enough not to be corrupted by money, and with the motives of the people in its core. This entity must be big like all the big corporations we know of. Actually, it must be bigger. Of course, this is government.

Yet, somewhere in this argument, we forget that in the substance of government are the same inherent elements: people and bureaucracy, just like business. They are made up of the same "stuff". Corruptible people comprise both, that is how it is. Why believe that big business is any different than big government?

Why not see it from a different perspective when we look at this kind of stuff?

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