December 12, 2010

What do you choose to focus on?

What do you choose to focus on? According to the book, In

Harms Way, the US Navy chose to focus on the blame after

the sinking of the USS Indianapolis at the end of WWII.

Navy procedures at the time not only failed to help, but

hindered actions the crew could have taken to prevent

hundreds of sailor deaths. A small portion of the sailors

survived the tragic five-day wait that was unnecessarily

long . The Captain's trial was the most striking situation

after the ordeal. The Navy's prosecutors sidestepped

the types of questions which would have allowed the

Captain McVay's defense to discuss Navy procedures.

In Navy court, discussion can only relate to a specific

charge. The Navy procedures effect in this tragedy thus

was never addressed. Almost no debrief or trial time was

found to remedy the procedures as the Captain was found

guilty of neglect. The trial resulted with minimal output

which might prevent risking lives of future crews or have

helped other Captains. Incidentally, indications were that

no trial was needed for the Captain to bear the guilt. No

one could make him feel more guilty than he already did.

See this as another example of how focusing on blaming

things can blind us. We imagine the unalterable past

differently, and fail to focus on the present and future.

December 4, 2010

Read this: We KNOW you are interested.

A targeted ad... Are targeted ads better than
different assortments of ads? That is the
perspective of many people. I offer another view
on marketers knowing what I want to read.

Getting more targeted ads sounds fine in concept.
More of the ads I see will be more interesting and
relevant, right? No more wasting my time seeing
messages for reality tv shows and feminine products.

Great! Now, I will be inundated with ads that DO
interest me on some level. More targeted ads
means that I will need to devote even more time
evaluating products before moving on, meaning
more of my time is wasted. I used to ignore
ads that were off-target without much thought.

"Target your buyer" is the standard message in
your marketing book. I get that, but consumers
own up to this assuming it is a good thing. Their
beliefs in "targeted ads" is a coup for marketers.

"Why Not Blame Drew? How all your problems
originate from him" tells why we should leverage
our resources in our daily life. Also, read the book
"Rapt" by Winifred Gallagher for inspiration. My
mind has much better things to do with my time
elsewhere. No thanks in advance on targeted ads.