January 11, 2011

See what we are missing...

Time after time, our politics fail us;

not because they do not do as they say;

not because they seem to mince words.

But because we abandon our individual responsibility;

and because we obtain hope that one single individual

can become individually responsible for each one of us

and because we think that one person going somewhere

can become representative of us in some "higher" way;

and because we, seeing them in a role as our representative,

can become complacent in a false sense of responsibility;

and because we follow the illusion that individuals in control

can become conduits making each one of us more responsible;

and because we pressure their esteemed role so much, they

can become people constrained to meet high expectations;

and because they play by rules to succeed as we expect, they

can become parts of the political system that we despise;

and because we forget our own responsibility, thinking another

can become responsible in politics where it is hard to be such;

and because we then get frustrated because the laws passed

can become failures at making other people more responsible.

The solution is simple: don't expect others to be responsible.

The solution is remaining individually responsible. Otherwise,

Time after time, our politics fail us.

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