April 22, 2011

True messages hiDDen in first impressions

I used to shake my head about rock stars with unusual, nitpicky requests like "No brown m&m's at performances"? This week, a show explained this as "a canary in the coal mine". Each performance location has its local manager. Giving minor specific tasks becomes a tracking mechanism. Recognizing a failure with the m&ms, for example, is a warning that more important tasks probably were neglected. If location managers do not handle these minor things, it implies they have not read the contract and/or met all the terms. The performer then has a right to back out assuming the show could have problems. Yes, this changes my perspective on the matter.

In this are many learning points. So for one, pointing my finger at arrogant performers abusing their power is Not always valid. On many occasions, the performer probably did not even know about the specific requirement. Thus, labeling people based on actions is not really valid when we do not understand their intent.

Another learning point stems from my inclination to blame the team of people (once the performer is cleared of responsibility). So, while the performer is Still technically responsible, aware or not, the one at whom to point is a team member responsible for the contract. Using "team" is not valid because a team is not capable of being responsible; a person or team Member is. Each action by a collection of people can always be linked back to a person, but it is easy to be Deluded that it is someone or something else.

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