May 27, 2011

Teachers: fight the status quo, not for it

Shun them or not, Wisconsin officials voted to make major
changes to the education system. Right or wrong, they did
so in response to economic pressures plaguing the system.

The teachers fought back; however, instead of offering better
solutions, they fought to keep the status quo. They fought
to keep a system with less-than-stellar results. Although the
situations are better than other states, is that an argument to
remain as it is? "Let's keep this junky car because it is not as
junky as my neighbor's." Really? That is not the kind of thinking
teachers or anyone should be accepting.

Instead, in response to the economic pressures, schools
should be taking this time to reinvent the system. They should
utilize their existing resources much more effectively to find
ways to improve results with less resources. There are models
to follow out there. Look at Brockton HS in MA. Look at those
success of the many KIPP schools. It can be achieved, but not
by teachers protesting in the streets and fighting (with little
innovation) to keep a broken system broken.

Look at things from a different perspective! Why not?

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