June 25, 2011

Are cars more complicated that students?

Explain to me which are more complex, students or cars?

In May 2011, the government proposed a new format for representing car Fuel Efficiency on window stickers. Note that the original design was to assign a letter grade of A through D for fuel efficiency, but that was rejected by the manufacturers and other opponents because it was "simplistic and potentially misleading".

Cars are apparently much more complicated than people. Relegating a student with a letter grade of A through F in a given subject never caused such pushback. Numerous generations have accepted this basic measurement for students. Evidently, we do not find a letter grade simplistic or misleading when it comes to students. Kids must be simpler than cars.

Or, maybe we allow this because educational leaders never had the gumption to fight back and defend students like the automakers did for cars. Even now, it's not too late to start fighting back, but I suppose educational leaders are too satisfied with the status quo.

What do you think?

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