September 30, 2011

Children, can you see a different perspective?

Children are notorious for not paying attention to what is happening around them. They take away something someone else is using or they back into things or else they block the view of others who are watching television. Children become so concerned with their own needs that they don't pay attention to others.

Unfortunately, many adults are not much different. I see it in public in the way they drive, walk through crowds, and talk so loudly on their phones in public. Are they really adult?

At a children's museum, I had to stick out my arm several times to prevent other parents from backing over my daughter. At my local elementary school, I watch parents, who just dropped their kids off, speed past other parents walking their kids to school. Can you see how I feel?

What needs to happen to make these adults recognize the other humans who occupy the world? Why not see the world from

a different perspective?

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