November 28, 2011

Ignore the man speeding through a red light

This was the attitude of one person, who I believe represents

many others. In my neighborhood association, someone posted

about a specific driver who sped across a yellow line and then

ran a red light. A neighbor who was almost in an accident with

an offender vented in a reasonable post to their neighbors.

One person responded saying that they should have gone

to the city to "fix that intersection". Talk about diffusion of

responsibility. Instead of blaming a specific person who clearly

disregards rules, this person is thus inclined to let government

somehow find their own solutions without identifying specific

individuals. So considering the facts, look at the inconsistency:

we appeal to government to somehow create more rules

to stop someone who does not follow the rules. Keep in mind,

we know what the problem is. It’s not an inanimate government.

It's that individual.


  1. Here's the thing. The guy who ran the light is gone. His deed is in the past. Nothing can change it. But 'fixing the intersection' can make it less likely that a similar event -- one that doesn't "almost" cause injury -- occurs.

    Ya can't change the past. The future gives you a much better opportunity.

  2. I couldn't agree more that the past can not be changed and I also agree the future gives a better opportunity; however, doesn't it make sense to focus your future fixes on the individual bad apple rather than redesigning the apple bucket?