March 26, 2012

Resources are limi

This is clear: people do not understand resource limita

There was a recent story of a serial killer the State was trying to catc

The families of the victims were aghast to learn he was on a watch list alr

They wondered, "how could a watched man commit these c

The operative word in that sentence is "watch

The State meant his name came up more often when conducting investigat

This approach is actually how they made the connection to this per

The families meant someone was following every move of this ma

There is a slice of logic to the families interpreta

That bit of logic says if this person is really someone you susp

then you expend all possible resources to prevent future actio

The problem with that logic is the problem of limited res

The State is watching a long list of people in addition to this g

Think, it would be fair to say that list is constantly growin

The resources of the State are simply not enoug

This limited resource issue is funda

Though I am sure the families understand the basic concept of res

they are not apt to apply this in their requests from gover

Then, if you outlined the lack of resources in this cas

The response would be to increase the resources as if it were that eas

That is a common refrain, but ignorant because it misses the poin

There logic is based on the an incorrect assumpti

That logic assumes there is enough money to provide unlimited relie

That assumption is patently false and unlegit

This applies in all roles of the State, including policing, education, welfare, among the conte

Then, how do we get people over this expectation hurdle and realize resources are limit

Though it certainly can be annoying, there just aren't enough resources to do e

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