June 30, 2012

I will throw you one step off

In the past week, [a celebrity] said, "someone at least ought to maybe consider thinking about [the death penalty being inhumane] before sentencing [a convicted criminal] to die in an American prison."

I suspect most American's who understand how a court process works realize that a conviction means a jury of twelve or more people have "considered thinking about" their sentence and ALL agreed. That is required if the defendant chose a trial by jury. So, most people who understand court process would respond to that statement with "twelve individuals DID think about it".

I pivoted the words "an American child" with "a convicted criminal". It's interesting what a simple change of words can do... to attitude.

If you think I'm being unfair in my change of words, the change of words is factually accurate; [a celebrity] simply chose a different set of words to describe the same people because she knew how a simple pivoting of words can sway beliefs.

I elsewhere replaced "Rachel Maddow"* with "a celebrity".

           *(6/26/12 broadcast)

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