August 28, 2012

How you can get pie from scratch in three minutes?

Let me point out one approach for getting one pie. It involves five steps and nine ingredients to make, but 65 minutes of baking and 35 minutes of preheating. But, the pie you ate would be 97 or so minutes (not including the nine minutes of preparation or three minutes to read directions) longer than the three minutes advertised. By then, we can say we already ate pie.

Another way for getting pie is calling 626-4338 x3 to request the $7.95 special. Oh, that is still too long even if it only takes eight minutes of cooking and eight minutes for one delivered. Incidentally, with $9.71, you can order the "69" with three toppings at only 99 cents more. But that is more than three minutes.

Another idea only takes 75 seconds, but a 10 inch pizza pie may require jamming five slices in each microwave run. More importantly, the pie you ate would not be from scratch.

There is still a way to have pie from scratch in oh, under 97 seconds. For there is something funny about this pie. With this pie, in nine seconds you get the same pie as for any number of seconds. For 59 seconds or 230 seconds or 7,816,406 seconds you can get the exact same pie as you get in 28 seconds. It takes only 6 seconds to get the idea that, while the difference in ingredients is all but zero, the outcome is always pi.

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