September 24, 2012

#I reason Y not to go RT this: Do U believe... ... ... ... In it? e.g. RT? Y not?

R U RTing QT NspIring MSGs w/o changing UR own actions?
UR actions speak > 100s of RTs, even iN a world of sound bites.

Do U really Think UR followers will act different b/c UR RT?
U Do littlE 2 support UR RT if U don't act what U say.

R UR feet reacting appropriately 2 UR finGers? If not,
UR RT is like a healthy, gouRmet meal displayed
on an offensive broken plate w/ dirty sIlverware -
an online disservice 2 whaT is being served.

WhY retweet something inconsistent with your true actions?

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