January 26, 2013

WHAT about my choice? Is the decision mine? This one is hard to grasp

ONE theory says, "time doesn't really exist; our perception of time is only the process of our mind piecing it together, so like our past, our future is and will always be what it is." 

That, INTERPRETS some, appears to be a direct attack against free will. Free WILL is a slippery notion, but I see it from another perspective. "Can't CO-EXIST" says the traditional mind, but I still see room for free will. WITH our current view, we structure actions in this order: "I think, I decide, then I act." Every OTHER thought, decision, and action happens simultaneously if time doesn't exist. Simultaneously VALID events does not mean "I decide" goes away any more than "I act" goes away. WORLD having no time forces us to realize that "I act" can mean something new; the same with "I decide". Many PERSPECTIVES seem incomprehensible, but not grasping one doesn't make it any less possible. 

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